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We Manage Properties, But Our Business is People

Steve Rhodes – Owner/Realtor®

Hi, I’m Steve Rhodes, Owner/Realtor® at Advanced Property Management, a Tehachapi based property management company serving the greater Tehachapi area. We specialize in the leasing, managing and sales of single and multi-family homes. At Advanced Property Management we understand that your rental property is a considerable investment that should be professionally maintained and protected.

Advanced Property Management was created for the real estate owner and investor by a real estate owner and investor. Our years of experience have enabled us to create practices and procedures created and perfected over time. This efficiency allows us to provide a better experience for owners and tenants than many companies who don’t invest themselves. Because we are property owners ourselves, we bring an eye for detail and a foresight to handle potential problems and issues many times before they arise.

Our mission is to provide exceptionally performing assets and increased equity for our owners, while providing a good value and a great place to live for our tenants.

Many property owners have other obligations, commitments and careers. Some live inconveniently far from their investments. Lots of people just don’t enjoy the inevitable broken appointments when trying to show vacant units, the 2:00 am phone call about the broken water pipe, or the worry about dealing with difficult or non-paying tenants, or don’t have a good working knowledge of landlord-tenant law. We solve all of these issues.

When searching for the right management company, there are many variables and costs to consider. Some property owners look for the lowest management fee, which can be difficult to do because most don’t publish their prices like we do. Some companies will tell you they charge a low percentage of the monthly rent but they sneak in and charge “garbage fees” like set-up fees, administrative fees, advertising fees, lease renewal fees, vacancy fees and other hidden fees. You won’t find any of those practices here. No other property management company in our service area offers monthly drive-by photographs of your income property or a New Tenant Guarantee (if for any reason a new tenant leaves within the first 90 days, we will market your property and place a new tenant for free). We perform employment, credit, past rental history, criminal and eviction checks on every tenant. Some companies don’t visit the properties they manage until there is an issue. We perform monthly exterior property inspections (evidenced by a photograph that is mailed with your monthly statements) and post a door hanger for the tenant if any visible issues need to be addressed. We also require our vendors to make visual interior observations when working in a property and report back to us when submitting their invoice for payment. All properties are inspected annually (prior to a lease renewal).