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Management Services

Our mission is to provide exceptionally performing assets and increased equity for our owners, while providing a good value and a great place to live for our tenants.



  • We will photograph the interior, exterior and all common areas to evaluate the property.
  • We will submit a report on the condition and detail any issues that need immediate attention or don’t comply with State standards.
  • We use comparable properties and market data to establish rent rates.
  • We will discuss the local market and rental data to create a strategy for each property.We will aggressively advertise any and all vacancies.


  • Pre-occupancy inspection and documentation of condition of premise
    Photograph properties (used as a benchmark to compare to post tenant property condition for possible move-out security deposit adjustments).
  • Place a high visibility “For Lease” signs on the property
  • Create ads to be published on our web site and in print ads
  • Handle all responses to ad inquiries
  • Use a pre-showing screening questionnaire to insure qualified tenants before we even show the property
  • A licensed agent will meet potential tenants at the property to show and answer any questions.
  • Process applications & tenant screening, employment, credit, past rental history, criminal & eviction checks


  • Create a California Bureau of Real Estate approved lease specifically tailored to that property explaining all issues and expectations of each party.
  • Collect first month’s rent and security deposit(s)
  • Automatically generate lease renewals and alerts for current tenants
  • We will notify owners of upcoming lease expirations and work towards renewals.
  • NEW TENANT GUARANTEE – If a tenant we placed for any reason leaves the unit in the first 90 days we will market your property and place a new tenant for free!


  • Rent is due in our office on the 1st of the month and is considered late on the 2nd. There is a grace period (holidays & Sundays) that extends to the 3rd day of the month. Payments received on or after the 4th are considered delinquent and a late charge will be imposed.
  • Tenants are called and late notices are sent out by mail, text messaging and email.


  • All rents are collected and bills paid with the balance direct deposited, transferred or mailed to the owner of the property no later than the 10th of the month.
  • Included with the owners Monthly Statement (detailing income received and expenses paid) is any original paid vendor invoice(s), your monthly check and a photograph of your property.


  • We provide multiple ways for tenants to contact us and submit maintenance requests. These requests are reviewed and then a work order is created and submitted to the owner to approve. Once approved, the work order is given to our in-house technician or to one of our licensed and insured vendors. The exception would be an emergency repair that would be handled in such a manner as to minimize the damage to the property and the tenant.
  • All invoiced repairs are inspected by us prior to paying the vendor.
  • Annual property inspection and condition report


  • Owner will receive notification when a tenant provides a 30 day written notice or when a unit becomes vacant for any reason (end of lease agreement, voluntary removal, skip, eviction, etc.).
  • Owner will be provided a weekly update as to the status of the vacancy (repairs, cleaning, prospective tenant showings, etc.).


  • Distribute late notices
  • Create a 3 and/or 30 day notice to be served to the tenant
  • Fill out court papers and make appearances as necessary
  • A professional process server serves this notice
  • If the tenant does not respond to notices, the next step is to turn the file over to an attorney for any action required to solve the problem.

We understand the stress and expenses an eviction can create. If the evicted tenant is one that we placed, we will market your property and place a new tenant for free!


We assist in avoiding law suits when renting and maintaining your rental property by abiding by all local, State and federal regulations including Fair Housing.


Tenants are a vital part of our business. Our endeavor is to provide tenants with unprecedented customer service.

It’s inevitable at some point a conflict may arise with the tenant. As experienced property managers, we have proven methods in settling problems and issues. We handle all of these concerns and try to avoid getting the owner involved.