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PMC Certification

Advanced Property Management has been awarded the Property Management Certification (PMC) from the CALIFORNIA ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS®. The certification is earned by completing a series of classes that offer detailed instruction designed to help professionals learn how to successfully manage residential property rentals for individual property owners and investors.

The curriculum covers compliance with Fair Housing, State and Federal laws, and statutes that protect tenants. Instruction also includes the best practices for building a business and developing relationships with client property owners, as well as the completion of forms and agreements.

“With this training we have the knowledge we need to help property owners market their properties, manage their risks, and understand their return on investment, whether the property is a single family home or a two-to-four unit residence. Because these courses are vetted by C.A.R. Legal staff, we are confident in knowing how to legally manage trust funds, handle tenant disputes, the eviction process and to serve property owners and investors in full compliance with California and Federal laws.”

Steve Rhodes, Owner/Realtor®